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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Knights Landing Preschoolers tested for first time

Last Thursday, May 3rd, the Center for Hearing Health's [CHH] mobile van arrived in the town of Knights Landing for the very first time. Although Hear! Here! did not receive any designated funding for Knights Landing the co-coordinators of the Preschool Screening program, Mel Russell and Donna Seaver, both agreed that this was the year to start including this rural town in the testing. They felt it was important that the health needs of the more isolated communities of the county should be met whenever possible. The Advisory Board of Hear! Here! agreed with them and as a result 21 Knights Landing preschoolers aged 4 and 5, had their hearing screened for signs of any hearing impairment.

Meanwhile, all the scheduled screenings for Woodland preschools finished on Friday, May 4th. The number of schools tested increased to 5 preschools this year, located throughout the city. Each preschool that joins in Hear! Here!'s screening project have to designate a teacher or teacher's aide to be responsible for gathering the children to be tested and making sure that they make it into the van and then back to their classroom. The testing takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes per group, depending on the number and age of the children in the van. Here two of the designated teachers/aides from the Woodland College Child Development Center wait outside the van. Hear! Here!'s volunteers help in ensuring the safety of the children as they enter and leave the van...as well as providing the "GOOOOD JOBS" and "HIGH FIVES" necessary to make the day FUN!

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