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HEAR! HERE! is your local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America [HLAA] serving Woodland, Davis and Yolo County. We offer informational programs throughout the year that are open to all. See this blog for times and dates of upcoming events.


Our e-mail address is: hearherewoodland@gmail.com

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to HearHereWoodland the blog for the Woodland Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America.
We are your local source for information on hearing loss and work to bring information to the public on the effects of hearing loss on the general public


  1. Thanks for the help. From your classmate. HK

  2. I am glad that the team met its goal of raising $600.00 as I think it is exstremely important that hearing loss be detected early in a child's life so that they are given all the help they will need in the classroom. Well Done!

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